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Developer Rick Yackey has recently purchased the warehouses next to and behind Humphrey's. The ones we never sure were open, or what exactly were for... Furniture apparently.... but this author has never met anyone who has shopped there. Kudos to Yackey for snatching up that property. However, you'd be hard pressed to find ANYONE who has never been to Humphrey's. It's essentially a rite of passage for all students at SLU, their friends, parents, and even teachers. Go look in the cupboard of most Village apartments and you'll see "the plunger" that one of the residents recieved on their 21st birthday. Everyone loves Humphrey's, and if someone says "I like Lacledes better", it is simply because they are trashy 'dancers' that like getting dirty on the dance floor with married postal workers. SLU students all have made Humphrey's a part of their lives, usually even part of their week. Wednesday nights, Humphrey's is the place to be. Penny Pitchers! Humphrey's is the oasis for journeyed students. A wednesday night to revel in the beauty of beer being consumed in mass quantity to listening pleasure of IVORY TIGER at penny pitchers is a memory never forgotten. Ivory Tiger has been around since many of our parents drowned their sorrows and celebrated their joys at Humphrey's so many years ago.

(Ivory Tiger has a webpage, it is ) MP3 DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE!!


The bottom line is that although we think that developing the warehouse would be a good idea, that this developer is going WAY TOO FAR by wanting to absorb Humphrey's or their parking lot. Jan Mangelsdorf and the Humphrey's staff over the years have sponsored almost every student event imaginable, not to mention host the band and alumni after basketball games. HUMPHREY'S IS PART OF SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY'S COMMUNITY. THIS NEW DEVELOPER IS NOT. SUPPORT HUMPHREY'S. GET INVOLVED BY EMAILING

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